Human touch is absolutely essential to health and happiness. Often we go months or years without receiving massage, carrying around bodies full of tension and pain. Why go another day without finding a release for the stress in your life? Here at Tulsi Mountain Therapy, we offer an affordable massage because we believe that it should be a regular health treatment.

Therapeutic Relaxation $40/hr

If you desire human touch, but don’t like intense pressure, please try out our Therapeutic Relaxation. With the use of soft and gentle strokes, combined with soothing music and tuning forks, Matthew will ease your mind and body into a state of bliss.

Rigorous Upkeep $50/hr

Many people desire strong hands that can squeeze out the tension from their muscles. If you like a lot of pressure during massage, Rigorous Upkeep is the option for you!

Book A Massage

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About Matthew Mantone

Matthew has been offering massage for 10 years in the State of Vermont. Officially trained in Integrative Therapy, he makes use of the body, mind and spirit to apply a holistic form of healing. Recently, he has discovered a special technique that will render soft any amount of hardness or tension in the body.

I have full confidence in the power of massage to prevent disease and heal the body and mind of tensions and impurities. My massage is very practical, and I have discovered how to melt away any amount of tension with the use of my hands.

~ M.Mantone